General info
Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles
A 30 year veteran in motion picture marketing with extensive knowledge needed to
sell all genres of motion pictures. Well versed in writing,
producing and editing my own work.
Capable of working in long form, short form, and BTS projects.
My career began in the world of sound design and
quickly transitioned into sound mixing.
In 2005 I discovered editing and found my love and passion for telling a good story
and enticing movie-goers to the theaters.
Santa Barbara, Ca.
Sep 1984 - Jul 1988
University of California, Santa Barbara
Hollywood, Ca.
Jan 1990 - Jan 2000
Sound Editor
Aspect Ratio
CAMPAIGNS (Partial List): Mission Impossible, Scary Movie, Forest Gump, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, As Good As It Gets, You’ve Got Mail, Crimson Tide, Godzilla, Independence Day, The Mask of Zorro, Pleasantville, Sleepless In Seattle, The X-files
Burbank, Ca.
Jan 2000 - Jan 2005
Sound Mixer, Trailer Editor
Warner Brothers Pictures
CAMPAIGNS (Partial List): Harry Potter 1, 2, & 3, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Oceans 11, Million Dollar Baby, The Polar Express, Phantom of the Opera, Matrix, Starsky & Hutch, Troy, Training Day, Last Samurai, Mystic River
West Hollywood, Ca.
Jan 2005 - Jan 2010
Workshop Creative
CAMPAIGNS (Partial List): 2012, The Hulk, Percy Jackson, Pink Panther 2, Get Smart, Bruno, Bee Movie, Despicable Me
Culver City, Ca.
Jan 2010 - Jan 2016
Editor, Producer
Sony Pictures Entertainment
CAMPAIGNS (Partial List): Concussion, 007 Spectre, Pixels, Hotel Transylvania 2, The Walk, Fury, American Hustle, Ricki and the Flash, The Monuments Men, The Amazing Spiderman, Resident Evil, Aloha, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, The Wedding Ringer, Chappie
May 2015 - Nov 2015
Trailer park
Fist fight, Ice Age Collision Course
Los Angeles
Nov 2015 - Jan 2018
Mob Scene
Blade Runner 2049, Logan, Murder on the Orient Express, King Arthur, 12 Strong, justice League, tomb Raider, Emoji Movie, Dark Tower, 1517
Los Angeles
Jan 2018 - Present
Garrett Whoosh LLC
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